Introducing The Code Zone's new Mentor team!

It's April, it's time to find a new way to build the mentor team!  Previous attempts with AI have not gone well...can man's best friend help?

Did you catch our announcement on Facebook this morning?


We've got exciting news!  Our mentor team is growing!  With infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy and a hunger for unlimited treats - introducing, our pet mentor team.  Tom has been busy training them and they will be joining you in clubs from today - April 1st!

Who would be your favourite pet mentor?  Send us photos of your pets learning to code and building games - could they be our next online coding club mentor?

Ok ok...maybe it's not 100% true (it is April 1st after all!), but if you ask our mentors too they will jump at the chance to show you their pets - they are usually nearby vying for attention.

And we are actually busy training new mentors.  They are human of course, but they also have infectious enthusiasm, boundless energey and definitely a hunger for unlimited treats - Veronica, Alex and Anoutia have recently joined our mentor team and you'll meet them in clubs very soon.

If you like to learn more about our online code clubs, head here to find out more about Game Dev Club!


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